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Title: Shelter Meta: Shelter as a 7 Point Plot
Author/Artist: StacPolly
Pairing/Characters: Zach/Shaun
Rating/Genre: G
Notes/Warnings: None

First in a couple of meta posts looking at Shelter 2007. Compares Shelter's plot to a classic 7 point plot structure.

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Welcome to day one of our Shelter Extravaganza!!!


We’ve already gotten things started with a prompt post. Please feel free to continue to comment there with prompts during the month-long celebration.

Authors, you may begin posting your fic based on those prompts at any time now! (Just make sure to note in your header that the story is written for the Extravaganza!!! and include the prompt you wrote for. If you tag your own entries, please include the !shelter extravaganza tag.)

Throughout the month we’ll have a bunch of other posts celebrating our love for the movie Shelter, including discussion, screencaps, recs, graphics, and a kink meme! If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to comment at this post with them.

Let’s kick things into high gear with some discussion about one of our favorite movies! (I know we all love to talk about it. *g*)

Why did you watch Shelter that first time, how did you feel about it then, and what keeps you coming back to the movie now?


Mar. 29th, 2012 02:09 pm
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Ok everyone, I don't want to offend anyone with this question but this is something I have been wondering about ever since I saw Shelter years a go. For some reason I don't recall this particular topic ever being discussed, which is strange. Who do you think is the top and who do you think is the bottom? I know a lot of people write Shaun as the top, (with him being wiser and older and all that) but I can't help but thinking that when it really comes down to it, Zach is pretty much in control in the bedroom. However, I am also quite sure that on nights Zach is feeling particularly frisky he will take it like a champ and love it. What do you think and why?
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Hi, just joined today although I've been lurking for a few weeks.  This has probably been discussed already since this movie came out a few years ago, but I just stumbled upon it this month (yay netflix!)  so in any case I was just wondering:

Is that Shaun/Gabe's house in Zach's mural?  The one that looks like it has a figure standing in a doorway?  Does anyone know more about his mural?
Just curious.
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Hello Everyone! I am new to both the shelter_diner community and live journal and just wanted to say hi! I have recently watched and become deeply obsessed with the movie Shelter and am so excited to find some people who seem to love it as much as I do!


 Really I could talk about it all day, but I wanted to start with a topic that has always made me wonder: What do you guys think, exactly, Shaun's first book was about? Based on Shaun and Zack's conversation in which Zack subtly lets Shaun know he knows he is gay (you all know what I'm talking about right?) I have always imagined it as a novel inspired by Shaun's growing up in the Laguna area, the drama that surrounded him and the people in his life, and being gay in an area and cultural scene where coming out of the closet could be more difficult.


This question leads me to my next topic of discussion: What do you think Shaun’s life was like when he was living in Laguna? Why does he apparently “hate it down here?” How closely do you think Shaun’s story of discovering who he truly was relates with Zack’s?


That’s all for now!

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I've been wanting to chat about this with someone, and since no one in my real-life knows about Shelter I figured I'd bring it to you guys. Hopefully I'm not covering old ground, if I am please let me know.

I was rewatching the movie last night and I noticed that in the final epilougue type scene both Zach and Cody seem better dressed than they were throughout the film.

I've read a few fics where Shaun has money and sort of foots the bill in their new lives, and while I don't have a problem with that and even think it's kinda sweet, I assumed that canonically Zach would be too proud and maybe too insecure to be responsible for any less than his fair share.

So my question is, do you guys think Shaun paid for the new clothes or has enough time passed for Zach to be making money off of his art?
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Hey all you fellow Shelter-fanatics!

Once again, I need some help figuring out some Shelter plot details.

What do we know about Jeanne and Zach's dad? )
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After several years of writer's block, I'm beginning to consider writing a Zach/Shaun fanfic. I'm primarily a Jack/Ianto shipper from Torchwood; but I could never feel comfortable writing for that fandom since I don't live in the UK.

However, as I'm an American, I think I'd have a better shot with this. I do have some questions that I could not find answers for here. Does anyone know an approximate age for Zach and Shaun? From what I gathered, Zach is 19/20, and Shaun is 30?

And how many of you agree that Shaun's first book was m/m romance, and included characters inspired by himself and Zach, with the "names changed" and that Zach recognized this?
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Does anyone actually think Jeanne would come back for Cody? 
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Not really a meta, just a quick observation:

While I adore and love every moment of the movie, I won't get into how many times I've watched it *coughover40cough* or rewound certain parts *coughthemontagecough* I would have LOVED to have seen this part in the movie..

Cut for a big pic to save your flist page )

Seriously, there isn't even a word to describe how much I love this movie.
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I usually just post the meta here-I never do a link unless it's a fic, but in this brief window that the server here is working, I'm making it a link instead, once they finish working on the server I'll go back to just posting here, but seeing as I've tried three times to post the meta here and have failed, it's much easier to just post it in my journal, I'd hate for all of them to show up and then the community is spammed with the same entry over and over..my own journal, It's okay, a community, not so much.

So without further adieu...more meta

It's more about what Zach HEARS...it can be found HERE-what Zach hears
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I promise to get back to my every other day metaing I swear..but a good question was raised yesterday, something I've been thinking about myself..along with a host of other questions becuase this movie is just so good it gets you to thinking about their future and such..

this one is about Shaun saying he was broke, now for me and few others, Shaun being broke--we feel is a lot different than Zach being broke, Barcelona may just be a frivolous expense for him, but he can still afford that apartment and it was big enough for Zach (at least, he didn't know that Cody would be coming as well) to move into, and he doesn't work full time..now, here's the question...do you think that Zach would get a job once he goes to Cal Arts? He seems like he wouldn't want to have Shaun pay for everything and especially with Cody there too, he'd want to contribute, would he use the money he told Shaun he was saving to get his own place? Would Shaun want him to work though, or would he try to tell him to focus on school at the moment and let someone else take care of things for once? But then again, Zach is independent, I'm sure he'd feel bad asking for money even from Shaun all the time...but Shaun isn't Jeannie, and I don't even mean that he's in a better place financially either, I mean that he really wants Zach to succeed and would he think that he should just focus on that and he'll pick up the slack for them while he attends Cal Arts..but I still get the feeling Zach would work at the very least part time to contribute and to be able to buy things, don't you?

Tomorrow I'll do one with visuals again.


Jun. 26th, 2008 03:21 am
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Ok, i know i'm making like a gazillion post's. I don't care.

So, i'm watching the break up scene in the car, and i so feel for Shaun and mostly for Zach and his conflicting feelings. Especially when Zach says "Don't go all faggy emotional on me ok?", and he's the one crying. Uh. It just breaks my heart for a minute.

Also, anyone else notice how Jeanne is always trying to get Zach a new job? Like she's trying to keep him in San Pedro with her, when shes the one who ends up leaving the most behind.

OK, i'm done, just had to vent for a sec.
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I posted about this last night, and it made [livejournal.com profile] true_enough happy, so I'm posting it here too...

We know about the shirt of Shaun's that he wears...but there's another one..actually, they seem to share a few things:

I've talked about the board shorts before, but here is the proof...

Zach's board shorts..
It's the shorts.. )

And this all was probably totally unintentional, but I love it anyway...

You really have to look and watch that scene closely, it's actually hard to get a clear cap of it, but you can still see..
Notice Shaun's shirt during the walkie-talkie dvd watching scene.. )

It's the sharing of the clothes, it just makes me smile. *sigh*
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Instead of doing a meta, I'm doing a little moments one.

Sometimes it's the little things that mean alot, like the fact that at the end we see Shaun is wearing Zach's boardshorts he was wearing at the beach when Cody was building the sandcastle, and of course every single moment of TBGM, and let's face it, every moment of the movie, but these are little tiny glimpses, snippets of scenes--that I mean.

Here are a very very very few (if I did them all, it would be the entire movie and LJ would crash from the size of that post *smile*) of my other favorite moments OUTSIDE of the usual and TBGM:

Behind the cut for there are visuals and the caps are a little big )


step dad!

Jun. 22nd, 2008 05:23 pm
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 I saw the film and loved it, and immediately went searching for a community about Shelter.
I have a query. During the film the first two times Zach and Shaun speaks of Shaun’s step dad and Zach refers to him as Shaun’s dad, Shaun immediately corrects him saying "step dad". After that Zach calls him Larry to Shaun. I haven’t seen the DVD with the commentary, so I don’t know if they addressed this, but watching the movie I assumed that Gabe and Shaun were full brothers. However, I have seen Gabe and Shaun referred to as half brothers. Wouldn't Zach be aware of this though? My first thought was that Gabe always talks about Larry as his dad and maybe Shaun used to do the same. Maybe coming out to his step dad didn’t go well, they might still not get along that well, maybe that is why Shaun is very aware of not calling Larry his dad.
Wow that was rambling, I have apparently thought about this way too much! Tell me your thoughts
And thank you for a great community!!
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I heard this song on my i-Pod the other day and it reminded me so much of Zach and his situation. And as with everything Shelter-related, I thought I'd share. *g*

I'm Moving On )

What do you guys think? What other songs do you think fit Zach, or Shaun, or Zach and Shaun?


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