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Name:Shelter Diner
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Welcome to Shelter Diner, a gathering place for fans of the watermark film Shelter starring Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe. There is so much about Shelter that warrants adoration and this is the place to let it all out!

While the focus here is squarely on Zach and Shaun, posts can include discussion/meta, icons and other fan art, vids, fanfiction, links to reviews, story recs and more!


There are a few Rules:

1. Use a subject line that at the very least tells us the type of post you’re making, ie, Fic, Meta, Vid, Icons, Request, etc.

2. Use a header for all fanworks (including graphics and vids) that includes at least the following information, if applicable:

This info helps me when tagging, so please be as complete as possible. Thanks. *g*

3. All fiction, graphics (with the exception of two or three teaser icons or thumbnail), spoilers and any long post must be placed behind a cut. (If you don’t know how to cut-tag, please see the tutorial created by true_enough.)

3a. That said, this is a one and a half hour movie that is available on DVD and elsewhere, so we’re going to presume that you’ve seen it, or are venturing here at your own peril, spoiler-wise.

4. No flaming will be allowed. If you don’t like something, skip it. Also, remember to check the tone of your entry before posting to make sure that you don’t come across as impatient, sarcastic, or superior in your dealings with other members.

5. Do not lock your posts here in the community or link to friends-locked posts. This is a community site and I would very much like to keep it as open and accessible as possible.

6. Don't be shy, jump right in! *g*

Due to the latest round of porn spam, membership and posting are both moderated. Hopefully this move will only be temporary. Once you've made your first post and proved yourself to be legit, you will be given full posting access. Thank you for your understanding of the necessity of this change.

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This community was created by true_enough and is now moderated and maintained by spikedluv.
If you have any questions or comments you may contact me at spikedluv @

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