Feb. 21st, 2012 02:21 pm
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Hello :D it's been a while from the last time I read some "Shelter" fanfictions but somehow I lost all the stories I saved. I was wondering if you could help me to re-find those stories. I found some of them looking in this community but probably I missed some D:

1. One of them was about Shaun cooking a dinner and maybe there was something about Latter Days as well?

2. The other one was about Zach's first time as a top. I don't remember exactly the plot (if there was one! I don't remember a lot!) but I remember something about a beach.

Thank you for your kind patience!
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Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic I read a while back that basically tells their thought processes and feelings through the entire movie. Its not the fics by  qafluver but similar.
It has really good characterizations and a hot smut scene from wellafter the cut off.
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Hi everyone, I have only recently become aware of this film, and absolutely loved it! I was hoping if anyone new of fics that include Gabe, such as humorous fics where he walks in on Zach and Shaun in a compromising position, or how he found out about their relationship prior to the diner scene? I really enjoy the dynamic he brings to the mix, and his nonchalant teasing and acceptance, despite his own misgivings.
Thanks, L.
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Hi All, I just saw Shelter for the first time this weekend and absolutely loved it.  So, now I'm looking for some good fic, but am a smidgen overwhelmed as to where to start.  Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!  Are there any "must reads" in the fandom?  Thanks so much!

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hey guys! i was hoping someone could direct me to a story i remember reading a while back, sometime in the summer. i don't remember the title or who wrote it, but i remember that cody becomes really ill and is taken to the hospital after zach thought he was faking to get out of school. or something like that! my memory is kind of foggy, so any help will be greatly appreciated :).
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Hey there! I just watched the movie for the first time, and finding this site was awesome! The stories are fantastic!

I'm looking for two things, and I was hoping someone would know. :) First, are there any long fics, or chaptered stories? I read one, Where Home Is? Or something like that...

And then, are there any angsty fics? There was one, where Zach was in a car crash, but it was short. >< (Awesome though ^^)

I'd ask for the fic not to be breakup-angst, but I'm not gonna be picky with what looks to be a limited supply... XD

And if I'm not supposed to post this here, just tell me and I'll delete it!

Fic Search

Dec. 28th, 2008 07:24 pm
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Hi everyone

I just discovered the beautiful film Shelter a few days ago and immediately came looking for any related communities hoping to have some of those fade away moments filled in, which after having devoured everything tagged as fic, I can say the authors here did amazingly. However there were two things about the movie that I hoped to have explained more fully.

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I've been running around here, as well as my email inbox and deleted folder, trying to find a ficlet I read where Zach gives Shaun a blow job for the first time. It's terrible that I forget who wrote that little piece of hotness, but I have and I can't find it! :(

I recommended it to a friend and want to save it to my memories, but I'm totally lost as to where it is.

During my search, I noticed that this community does not have 'memories' set up. I wonder if the maintainers would be interested in doing so. Tags work. Memories work even better in my opinion.

If anyone can point me to that story, or smack me if I'm delusional, please let me know. :)

Thank you.


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