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There's no canon about whether Shaun's mom and dad divorced, or if his dad died, correct?

I'm (finally) working on finishing up Unraveling and just didn't want to make any mistakes.
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Do we know anything about Cody's father? I re-watched the movie but didn't hear anything other than he was dead. I need the info for a fic I am writing for the [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest. any help you can offer would be awesome.
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hey guys! new here. i've had the movie all along but i kept putting it off for the longest time i only watched it last week, when i seriously had nothing to do. i dunno but like everyone else here i've been sort of obsessed with it since. i've already devoured msot of the fics in this community, even. haha! i say, if only for the wealth of fanfics generated by the shelter fandom, this movie's great. the family dynamic of shaun, zach and cody (okay and gabe occasionally :P) especially makes great fanfic material.

about the novel, i ordered it from amazon too and i got an email saying the shipment will be on june 1? june 1! that's three months away T_T

i'd also like to ask if anyone else noticed that gabe is first shown trying to learn how to skate but in the latter part of the movie shaun watches this home video of gabe and zach three or four years ago, skating. is that right? i mean i love this movie to bits, but i wished there weren't stuff like this (there are others, already brought up in the community before) to spoil it. :\
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Hello Everyone! I am new to both the shelter_diner community and live journal and just wanted to say hi! I have recently watched and become deeply obsessed with the movie Shelter and am so excited to find some people who seem to love it as much as I do!


 Really I could talk about it all day, but I wanted to start with a topic that has always made me wonder: What do you guys think, exactly, Shaun's first book was about? Based on Shaun and Zack's conversation in which Zack subtly lets Shaun know he knows he is gay (you all know what I'm talking about right?) I have always imagined it as a novel inspired by Shaun's growing up in the Laguna area, the drama that surrounded him and the people in his life, and being gay in an area and cultural scene where coming out of the closet could be more difficult.


This question leads me to my next topic of discussion: What do you think Shaun’s life was like when he was living in Laguna? Why does he apparently “hate it down here?” How closely do you think Shaun’s story of discovering who he truly was relates with Zack’s?


That’s all for now!

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How many tattoos does Zach have? I think at least six. There's the T for Tori. Then there's Lucky 3 one, There is also little one on his back, by his neck. There's the three stars on his wrist. There's the writing on his lower back. And, seen very briefly in the big gay love montage, where Shaun gets Cody the surfboard and wetsuit, when Zach has his hands over Cody's eyes, there is one on his stomach.
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What kind of car does Shaun drive? We see it at the end...it's a black, 4-door sedan-ish looking thing, but I suck at makes and models.

[livejournal.com profile] girloftheburbs said it might be a Volvo and if she's right then she's a better woman than I am...lol.

Anybody got a clue?
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Shelter Trivia with Songs

Hey Shelterphiles! ;) Let's have some fun matching up the song with the scene. How many can you guess? Of course, this may require watching it again. Tough, I know, hee hee... I'll post the answers on Friday.

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A question

Feb. 13th, 2009 03:57 pm
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Hi everyone,

I remember a while back reading a comment from someone stating what Zach's ring was called (Apparently, her son has the same ring). Now I need that piece of information for a fic, but of course I can't find that comment again.

Please, can anyone help me with the name of Zach's ring?

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Hi guys! I just need a little info about our favorite movie and while I guess I could go watch it again, this way is faster...

1- What make/model car does Zach drive? Yeah, I guess it's either an SUV or truck (depending on how old it actually is) but what *kind*?

2- We have absolutely no idea what college Shaun went to, right?

Thanks in advance to anyone who notices things better than I do!!
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Zach's last name.

Could we come together as a community and just pick one to use? Maybe?

For everyone to use, or, should we leave it up to the individual author's? Because i have to say, when ever i read a fic with Zach's last name in it, that isn't the one i would have picked, it throws me totally out of the fic. As an author, i wouldn't mind using a name that was decided on. Every other fandom i'm involved in, everyone has a first name, and last name. Middle name's, i could care less. Just first and last name's get me.

So. Thoughts?
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I'm working on a story (woot?) and I can't remember...what's Shaun's last name? I *know* it was mentioned somewhere but not in the movie- I think.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out here.

Fic: Marks

Nov. 6th, 2008 06:26 pm
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Title:  Marks

Author: x_merlin  (Alex)

Pairing/Characters: Zach/Shaun, Gabe

Rating/Genre:  PG-15, Humour

Notes/Warnings:This is my first Shelter fic so concrit is welcome! Also a slight warning for kink but its only alluded to. P.S. Can I have a tag please kind mods?

Also a meta for something else I’m working on at the moment. Does anyone know either of the boys’  last names? I’d be grateful! J

Marks )
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Hey all you fellow Shelter-fanatics!

Once again, I need some help figuring out some Shelter plot details.

What do we know about Jeanne and Zach's dad? )
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After several years of writer's block, I'm beginning to consider writing a Zach/Shaun fanfic. I'm primarily a Jack/Ianto shipper from Torchwood; but I could never feel comfortable writing for that fandom since I don't live in the UK.

However, as I'm an American, I think I'd have a better shot with this. I do have some questions that I could not find answers for here. Does anyone know an approximate age for Zach and Shaun? From what I gathered, Zach is 19/20, and Shaun is 30?

And how many of you agree that Shaun's first book was m/m romance, and included characters inspired by himself and Zach, with the "names changed" and that Zach recognized this?
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But where else am I gonna ask these things? LOL

So exactly what color are Shaun's eyes? Hell Zach's too while you're at it....

I've seen Brad Rowe's eye color listed as blue or hazel depending on the source- they look hazel in this movie but I just wanted to get some other opinions on the subject.

And I *finally* watched the commentary- Why oh why has no one told me Shaun had bubbles in his pipe? *waggles eyebrows*
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Okay, after spending the last 5 days obsessing over Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog, now I need to get back to Shelter and the fic I started....

But first I need to know the answer to these 2 stupid questions, and there is no better place to turn than here...*g*

One- what's the name of the bridge?

Two- what is the place where Zach paints? Is it a deck, the roof of his house, what?

Sorry I'm an idiot.
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Hey guys,

So, I've been working on a post-film fic, and I have a few questions that I can't seem to figure out on my own. So maybe some of you can shed some light on this:

1. Time line: during which months does the film take place? At first, I thought it was summer because, living in Canada, when I see sun and hot weather and people swimming in the ocean I think, hey, must be summer! But then I realized that this story takes place in southern California. Oh yeah. According to the CalArts website, the deadline for admission for Fall 2009 is January 5th. But Zach is applying for a scholarship, and you usually have to apply earlier for those, I'm thinking November. So, is the film maybe taking place during the fall? That would also explain why Gabe was back from Santa Barbara at the start of the film--he was home for the summer, and is heading back for the fall semester. That would also mean that the movie ends sometime around maybe February (at the earliest, since Zach has already heard back from CalArts by then). It would also mean that the three of them move to Valencia quite some time before Zach actually starts at school. So, does this make sense to people? Or does someone have a different interpretation of things?

2. Location: having never been to California, I'm not all that familiar with the location of things, so I've been fiddling with Google Maps to try to figure stuff out. While San Pedro is very close to the ocean, Valencia is kind of far. Like, a forty-minute drive from the closest beach. Or am I mistaken? I guess that the distance from the ocean would be part of the explanation for why Shaun doesn't "paddle out there", but I always imagined the three of them spending a lot of time at the beach together. And it would be really hard for Zach to not be able to surf all the time. Forty minutes isn't too bad, but Zach wouldn't be able to hop over to the beach to surf whenever he felt like it. But again, maybe someone else has a different interpretation of things? Maybe Shaun doesn't live right in Valencia? I just assumed he did, because he says he lives "right near CalArts."

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First off, a big thank you to everyone who voted in my porny poll (lol) and commented about it. It was very helpful, and a fun thread if I do say so myself.

*squishes fandom*

Second- I must confess I'm way behind on my Shelter viewing, since I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen it....*hangs head in shame*

So I have to say this was the first night I realized how much different Shaun's hair is in the very last playing-on-the-beach-with-Zach-and-Cody scene.....before I'd just assumed it was just a day or so in the future from the previous scene but it's obviously not. I haven't listened to the commentary yet so I don't know if it's remarked upon there either. But how much time do you guys think passed between the 2 scenes? And why was I too stupid not to see the difference? lol

And why oh why is the song Remember to Forget NOT on the soundtrack? It's playing during the credits and it's so lovely and I haven't been able to find it anywhere around for d/l'ing.....*sobs* Shane Mack has such a lovely voice.....

Can anyone help me out with the song? Any advice on where to find it?

Thanks guys!
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I just finished watching the film and it is my number one on my list of FILMS TO ACQUIRE IMMEDIATELY. I absolutely loved it in case you all couldn't tell. One of the reasons that I really just adored it is because I went to college around the San Pedro/Rancho Palos Verdes area and seeing the image of that bridge through Zach's eyes brings a completely different perspective to my college experience. I only wish the people were that cool around there.

Anyway, so thinking about San Pedro got me thinking about locations and I looked back at every entry and location hasn't been really addressed. Since I'm from Los Angeles, I usually just tell people who aren't from here that we're from 'LA'. But, Los Angeles is comprised of area after specific area just like any other city. I had one question running through my head throughout the entire movie regarding Zach's CalArts acceptance and Shaun's living situation.

Are we (in this shiny, brand new fandom) going to accept that Zach goes to school at CalArts in Valencia which is about 30-45 minutes away from Los Angeles proper (downtown, Hollywood, the beach, etc.) and lives with Shaun off campus in an unknown location? I'm just trying to figure it out in my head because I envision Shaun living in the city which wouldn't be anywhere near Zach's campus even though he says that he lives close. Like, maybe he lives in Santa Clarita or Sylmar or SF Valley -- those areas. Or, am I just getting too specific and it doesn't even matter?

I'm going for the latter. Any opinions are welcomed though! Sorry if this has been discussed.


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