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Hi everybody.
I'm so glad to be the one to  annouce you that Trevor let a video on his  official FB page just here:

He says that he's gonna do a lot of things on it and it's so great. He's so amaing, I'm so happy to know him :D
And he's so grateful  for us, shelter fans *.*
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I hope it's ok to post this here. I thought the community would get a kick out of this.

I'm watching the Olympics and a Cadillac ATS commercial comes on. My subconscious is alerted that I know one of the actors but I can't immediately place him. I would make you guess but I gave it away on the subject line. :) The guys has a wonderful distinctive voice.

There's several commercials so check them all out. But here's one.

And an article -
American actor and filmmaker Ross Thomas hosts the series.
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As I've done the last 2 years, I'll be making & sending Brad a photoshop birthday card this year.

Any one who wants their name included, please post here asap!!

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I stumbled across this interview featuring our favorite brother and best friend speaking about his latest film, Soul Surfer (a biopic about a young surfer who loses her arm in an unfortunate encounter with a shark). I haven't seen the film, but the interview features a great picture of Gabe, aka Ross Thomas.


He looks slightly like Gabe but more... grown up.
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I was watching Supernatural last night and I recognized the actress who was playing Fate, and her name sounded familiar, but I couldn't figure out from where I knew her. I checked IMdB on my phone while watching, and I saw Shelter on her credits. I went, Tori!!!

So, for any Katie fans, check her out as Fate on SPN.
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Hey Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that the awesome community[livejournal.com profile] japan_calls  is auctioning off 15 second personalized voice recordings from all sorts of famous folk.

And one of them is Brad Rowe.

Go! Bid! Win!
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Hey Shelter fans!

I wanted to let you know of this community called [livejournal.com profile] japan_calls that's trying to raise money and help Japan.

The objective is:

Our goal is to use the voices of admired entertainers as motivation to get others to donate to a worthy cause. We will hold open auctions for people to bid in receiving a personalized 15-second voice recording from a celebrity of their choice. (anything more/less is dependent on circumstances/willingness of the voice)

And Brad Rowe has graciously signed up to be a part of it! The auctions start this Monday, March 28th and will last about a week. Hope to see you there!

Mods, I hope this is okay to post as it involves one of the actors. If not, please feel free to delete!
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Don't forget to watch and/or dvr Brad's new movie on Hallmark tonight!! It should be adorable if nothing else...
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Brad's new movie A Valentine's Date will be airing February 4th on the Hallmark Channel. (Title has been changed since the IMDB article was written.)

Co-stars include John Schneider, Elisa Donovan and Tom Skerritt plus some horses and pigs ;)

See these on-set pics that Brad posted on his Facebook previously... )

Article is here!

I *heart* cowboy Brad!
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I watched a very good movie last night called Purgatory which could best be described as a fantasy western. It was made in 1999 and one of the main characters is played by Brad Rowe.


Warning though - there are spoilers in the link and it does describe the plot in length.
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"Just heard about this last minute & voting ends tonight at midnight. Please head over to the Podcast Awards link below & vote for MIPtalk for the People's Choice Award. Would be great to win this. Thanks in advance for your support."

Link to awards - http://www.podcastawards.com/

MIPtalk url - http://www.miptalk.com/
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Greg In Hollywood talked to Brad about his upcoming role on General Hospital. That interview can be found right here.

Brad also mentioned his part is only scheduled for 10 shows, and if after watching on Friday, we'd like to see more of his character Murphy Sinclair, we should email the folks at ABC Daytime. Info for that can be found here: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art52058.asp
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Brad posted these pics today.

They were taken by famed photographer Adam Bouska for his equally famous NOH8 campaign.

And they are gorgeous!! )

Love these guys so much! Go check out MIPtalk!
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Here's a few pics Brad has posted recently (sorry I forgot to pass them on sooner)

Click for teh pretties... )

He's adorable, as usual...
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Thanks so much for your patience. Enjoy and please spread the word so others can watch. You guys are the best. http://vimeo.com/12123129

Don't have time to watch the full 1 hour video of the Shelter Reunion Q&A. We understand. Try it in a convenient sample size. http://vimeo.com/12141677

Learn more about how Shelter came together and got the support of the here! Network. http://vimeo.com/12142743

We saved the best for last...or the last for last anyway. Enjoy. And tell a friend so they can enjoy too. Enjoyment should be shared. Like pudding. http://vimeo.com/12145286
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Just to let you know I did manage to get everyone's name on the banner (even the couple of very late people!) and sent it off to him a couple days ago. Today I got a message saying he thought it was "totally awesome" and that he was gonna post it on his Facebook page!

Link is here.

Just in case you can't see that link, here's my photobucket... link.


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